Summer is my Slow Season for Outdoor Photography Tours…

But why?


Peyto Lake is one of the iconic scenes in the Canadian Rockies. © www.brianmerry.ca


Most people think that Summer in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, where I base my landscape photography tour business, would be absolutely hopping busy in the Summer.  And, it is.

But, for a small landscape photography tour operator, like me, it’s actually a little slow.  I think that the reason is that small group and independent travelling outdoor photographers tend not to visit during the Summer months.  But, why is that?

Banff and Jasper are World renown for their amazing landscape photography

Well, just about everybody around the World knows that Banff and Jasper National Parks are THE place to visit when you want to experience and photograph spectacular scenic landscapes highlighted by glaciated mountains with relatively easy drive up access.  But, so do the big tour companies and they buy up all of the hotel rooms early…

The World has discovered that the Canadian Rockies are worth visiting

And therein lies the problem.  Outdoor photographers and millions of other travellers from around the World want to come to the Rockies to feel, and photograph, the spiritually inspiring landscapes.  And by default, the big tour companies end up buying up most of the accommodations.

What ends up happening here in Banff and Jasper is that the big tour companies book most of the available accommodations 6-9 months in advance, or more.  This leaves few hotel rooms for the small Family and independent travellers to book.  But, all is not lost.

How to guarantee your accommodations in the Mountains

Two words… Plan early!

Plan Early, and book a year in advance to beat the big tour companies annual planning meetings and subsequent room blocks.

This does involve a little bit of a commitment on your part  You need to plan this year for next year’s vacation.  There’s no spontaneity in that!  But, if you decide that you’d like to visit the Canadian Rockies, and you should because it’s one of the most Naturally beautiful places in the World, you should plan right now for next year.  That is, plan your 2019 summer vacation in Summer 2018.

Or… Call up a day or two before you want to arrive.

Often guests will cancel room reservations a few days before they are due to arrive.  Tour companies also release a few rooms as well because their numbers have decreased on short notice.  If you’re persistent in checking for vacancies then you’ll usually find a room for a few nights.  Be relentless!

Employing this strategy will pretty well guarantee that you’ll find hotel accommodations in Banff, Canmore and in Jasper.  Sometime you can find accommodations 4-6 months in advance, but, the selection for hotels will be decreased.  Plan your trip early for the best selection at reasonable prices!

Why am I writing this helpful post?

Well, I’m writing this post for you, the small independent travelling photographer, because you are my customer.  You’ve helped me to earn a living over the years and to eventually to buy my own own home here in the Town of Banff.  And, I want to help you to see and photograph one of the beautiful places in the World, my home, the Canadian Rockies!

In short you are the reason why my outdoor photography business has become successful.  I’m able to make a living when many of you book my private landscape photography tours or one of my other travel photography tours Worldwide.  And, to return the favour, I want to help you to be successful in planning your own landscape photography trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Where are the best Photo locations in the Rockies?

Yeah, I know you want to know this!  And I tell you in my blog.

If you’re researching the potential for wildlife and landscape photography in the Canadian Rockies then please google my name along with the places that you want to photograph.  I have a ton of “location profile” blog posts describing the iconic landscape photography locations in the Canadian Rockies.  And, I tell you how and when to shoot them too.

A few times of the year I write detailed landscape photography location profile explaining how and when to photograph the Famous locations Banff and the Canadian Rockies are known for.  You should check ’em out.  I truly want to help you to have an amazing outdoor photography trip to my home in the incredible Canadian Rockies.

Book a Private tour if you don’t have the time to find the classics on your own

Are you pressed for time when you’re here?  Do you want to, or do you need to maximize your landscape photography in the Rockies?  If you do, then consider hiring me for a private landscape photography tour.  I’ll show you all of the best locations given the weather that we’ll have on your tour.  And, I’ll give you lots of tips during on our tour to help you during the rest of your trip.  Bring a map.  I’ll circle some hotspots on it that you should photograph throughout the Rockies.

So what are you waiting for?

Explore my blog and trip advisor to start researching your trip to the Canadian Rockies today.  I want to help you to succeed!

I hope to see you here in the near Future!