Release of Liability Waiver for



     Below you’ll find a link to a PDF of my waiver for you to download and read over before attending the upcoming event that you registered for.  However, I’ll provide you with a hard copy of this waiver to read over, understand and accept when I see you on the first day of the event, before the start of the event.


     At the beginning of the event you are required to sign a printed hard copy of the waiver that I will personally hand to you at the beginning of the tour.  I will provide you with the printed copy of the waiver.  I’m sorry, but I cannot accept signed waivers that you printed off at home and then completed.


     After reading the waiver that I will present to you at the start of the tour, and after you agree to accept all of the inherent risks of attending this event, including the possibility of death, and you still choose to attend the event, you will need to sign the waiver in my presence declaring that you are releasing me, Brian Merry, and all event staff of all liability related to the risks involved in attending and participating in the event.


     After you return a signed copy of the provided hard copy of the waiver, I will witness it before we start the event.  To continue on the event, tour or workshop, you are required need to read, understand and accept all of the risks inherently involved in attending the event that you attending.


     Below is a PDF of the waiver that you will be provided before the tour to read, understand and accept before starting the event.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with it before the tour.


***  I will provide you with a hard copy of the waiver at the start of the tour for you to

read, understand, accept, and then sign before we start the tour. ***


BmerryPhotography release of liability

waiver Download


Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you!  I love sharing my passion for photography with other outdoor photographers, like you!