About the Team

     After getting married in 2010 Kazue and I are loving our photography business more each year as we grow closer together exploring and photographing the World.  I’m constantly amazed at how she perceives and connects with her surroundings in a very different way than I do.  We frequently return to Japan to visit family and to host our Japan Photography Tour.

Brian Merry, The Creative

Vital Stats:

  • 1970 – Born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1973-90 – Grew up in Nova Scotia
  • 1992 – Fish and Wildlife Tech diploma from Fleming College in Ontario
  • 1996 – BSc. with Honors in Biology from Acadia University
  • 1996 – Relocated to Banff
  • 1997 – Started my pro photography career
  • 2008-12 –  Associate part time College Instructor at Lakeland College in Alberta
  • 2024 – still clicking away based in Banff, AB
  • Prolific climber.  Climbed over 6000m (~20000 ft.) on 3 different continents 
  • Past Biologist contracts with Parks Canada, The Province of Nova Scotia and Ducks Unlimited

I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 30 years.  I’ve seen and managed through some dramatic changes because I’ve never waivered from my true passion.  And, that passion manifests into an unquenchable thirst to explore, express and share the my passion for the art of photography through my eyes, my lens and my heart.


When I create on set the technical skills that I gained over the decades help me to not think about the the equipment as much as I think about the messaging.  I strive to create impactful images that will engage your clients.

Banff Landscape Photographer

Kazue is an integral part of the photography business behind the scenes.  She is my anchor, my climbing partner, the sounding board for my brave new projects and so much more.  She provides me with a the occasional reality check when my big, bold new dreams get a little too big for our small business!  She truly loves the traveling and the excitement of “the next big project.”  It’s in her DNA.

Kazue Merry, The realist

Vital Stats:

  • Born and raised in Miyasaki, Japan
  • 1994 – Graduated University with Nursing in Kumamoto, Japan
  • 2000 – First trip to Canada.  Rode her motorcycle from Vancouver to St. John’s, NFLD… and then back again to Vancouver!  This little girl is as tough as they come!
  • 2005 – Emigrated to Canada
  • 2007 – Met Brian while climbing in Banff, AB
  • 2024 – still loving life in the Canadian Rockies!