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Book 2 or more private 8 hour tours in a row and receive $50% off on the 3rd and future subsequent days

Night sky/astral session (2 hours) – $125 each based on two people minimum, $250 + $50/additional over 2 people

                 – lunch is included during the full day tours

Private Photography Tours


These are the four different private tours that I have available to book anytime at your convenience.  You can book your private tour now on our booking page.  Private tours are available for a:

  • sunrise or sunset tours
  • half day tour
  • full day tour

The private tours follow the landscape photography theme.  These tours are vehicle based so minimal or no hiking is required to participate.  

Rainbow over the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, © www.brianmerry.ca

I can customize a photography tour to specialize on a particular genera of outdoor photography that you’re interested in.  Contact me to discuss what you’re interested in. 

Wildlife Photography Ethics:

Wildlife are often encountered during our tours and we may stop photograph them briefly if you would like too.  However, traffic safety and the welfare of the individual animals is the main concern when deciding on the amount of time we spend photographing wildlife.  Roadside wildlife may be photographed from inside vehicles only during the tour unless the wildlife are a safe and ethical viewing distance away.  I want you to get good photographs, but your safety and the well being of the individual animals that we photograph need to be preserved in the process.  I believe that we can accomplish both of these goals on our tours.

Editorial note:  All wildlife featured in the photographs on this website are wild, free ranging animals and none were photographed in captivity.  They were all photographed in situ in their natural environment.

Commercial tour vans and cars used on during tours are licensed and insured to be legally operated in the National Parks.

Visa, Mastercard and electronic bank transfer accepted to guarantee your tours times!
* Tour cancellation policy:  
–  When originally booking with Brian Merry Photography, customers are required to pay a retainer.  The retainer for all private tours is $250+GST=$262.50.  The retainer is used to remove your time slot from my inventory for private tours and block it off for your tour.  The retainer is not returnable once received since this time is yours immediately upon you booking and then receiving the retainer.  
–   The remaining balance for the half or full day tour price is for the actual tour service.  If the customer cancels the tour with greater than 14 days before the start of the tour, then 100% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($100+GST for half day tours and $350+GST for full day tours) but the retainer is not returned due to the work already delivered which is outlined above.
–   If the customer cancels between 30 days and 14 days before the tour service then 50% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($50 for a half day tour and $175 for a full day tour).  The retainer is not returned.
–   If the customer cancels between 14 days and 24 hours before the tour service then 25% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($25 for a half day tour and $75 for a full day tour).  The retainer is not returned.
–  If the customer cancels with less than 24 hours notice than the entire tour service fee, and the retainer are not returned.

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–  Private tours may be rescheduled based on availability.  A $100 rescheduling fee will apply for each rescheduling event.