We have a nice variety of weekend group landscape photography tours that highlight the best of the Canadian Rockies. And below these three we have details about how to book your own private Canadian Rockies landscape photography tour anytime.

Multi-day Landscape Photography Tours

Rockies 3 Day Group Winter Landscape Tour

All Inclusive Edition

Rockies 3 Day Fall Photographer’s Lifestyle Tour

Live the lifestyle of a FT Pro Outdoor Photographer

Rockies 4 Day Group Summer Landscape Tour

All Inclusive Edition

3 days – Hotels, meals & transport are included for 4 people Max! = Quality!

3 days and 2 nights with transport and Hostel accommodations included.

4 day or 3 days with hotels, meals & transport for 4 Max! = Quality!

The three tours above are what I think are the three best group tours to attend based on the feedback that I received from photographers who attended my tours in the past. But, not everybody can attend on the dates that these tours occur on. Or, sometimes people just want a private tour. If this sounds like you then this private Canadian Rockies Tour is for you:

Private Canadian Rockies Photography Tour

For those of you that want a private 3 day Canadian Rockies tour please visit my private tours page.

A colorful stack of canoes at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.