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Win a Bit of Free Camera Accessory Swag!

Here’s a flash, the verb, not the noun, outdoor photography contest for you. This very informal contest will have 5 winners. All you have to do is follow the simple steps outline on my Facebook page. Click through below to

How I Convinced Two Advancing Adult Grizzly Bears to Stand Down

A Close Call with a Pair of Grizzly Bears in Banff National Park      I had an interesting grizzly bear encounter on Thursday, June 27, 2018. My wife, Kazue, and I were backcountry camping at Norman Lake near Sunset

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This is the gateway page to the contest. Please fill out the form on my contact page to fill in the form to be entered into the draw!!

How to use a circular polarizing filter correctly to improve your Landscape Photography

Using a circular polarizing filter correctly to improve your landscape photography is a basic skill that all landscape photographers should have.  Experienced landscape photographers know how to do this instinctively.  However, learning to use one correctly can be a bit of

How to Photograph a Meteor Shower Night Sky Photography

How to Photograph a meteor Shower Night Sky Photography We’re in for a night sky photography treat tonight with the chance to photograph a meteor shower.  Twice a year our planet passes through the dust trial left by the last

The new Canon wildlife photography camera the Canon 7D mark II versus the Canon 7D and the 70D

Interested in wildlife photography and searching for the right camera?  Consider looking at the new Canon 7D mark II. The MP size increase is slight at 20.2 MP but there are a host of other improvements over the 7D and