The Inside Scoop on How to Join Me on a Free Sunrise Photography Tour

The Inside Scoop on How to Join Me on a Free Sunrise Photography Tour
Sunrise at Vermillion Lakes in Sepemtber 2019. ©

Good Morning Everyone!

This is a post to give everyone the inside scoop on a free Sunrise landscape photography tour I’m offering on November 24th.  Join the meetup group and my mailing list to be the first to hear about it as soon as it goes public.  You’ll also automatically hear about future free events too 

This is the order in which I announce each new free Sunrise/Sunset meetup event:

  1. Photographers signed up to receive my “Event Insider’s List” emails will hear about this free tour first shortly after I create it on  Being on the “Event Insider’s List” will give you first access to all my events, and to exclusive discounts on the other events that ILPA Professional Photographers offer.  Join the mailing list if you haven’t already.  It’s worth it!  There are about 2500 photographers on this list.  Here’s the link to join the “Event Insider’s email List”:

**Be sure to add the ILPA email address as a ‘safe sender’ in your email app.  This will help you to hear about these free tours by preventing them from landing in your Spam folder.** 

  • ~10 minutes after I create the meetup event I’ll post it in my “BmerryPhoto Landscapes” Facebook group.  This group is for past photography tour or workshop guests.  Past tour and workshop participants are sometimes eligible for exclusive discounts through this group on my upcoming events.  Here’s the link to that facebook group: 
  • ~20 minutes after I create the Sunrise/Sunset meetup event I’ll send an email announcing the event to the 500+ members of the Sunrise/Sunset meetup group.  The meetups usually fill up shortly after I announce them in the group.  That’s right, first I create the meetup and then about 20 minutes later I announce to the members of the meetup group by emailing members of the group who’ve opted into receive group emails.  Here is the link to that group if you want to join it:
  • ~30 minutes after I create the Sunrise/Sunset meetup event I’ll notify members by posting a link to the event in the “Banff/Jasper & the Canadian Rockies Landscape/Wildlife Photography by ILPA” and the “Alberta Landscape/Wildlife Photography by ILPA” facebook groups.  There are about 11000 members in these two groups.  These two groups are a great way to connect with and learn from like minded outdoor photographers.  Here are the links to these two groups if you’re interested in joining them:
  • ~1 hour after I announcement the meetup I’ll announce it in other facebook groups.  The exact groups and posting frequency will vary depending on the group guidelines and rules set out by the group administrators.  Some Admins allow free events to be announced in their groups, and some do not.

I hope that you guys enjoy the free Sunrise/Sunset meetup group.  It’s just one of the many ways that I strive to give back to the community that has graciously given me my long outdoor photography career.  Thank you for supporting me and I hope you continue to love what I do!

Sincerely yours,

Brian Merry

PS:  If you’re a professional Outdoor photographer and you’d like me to help you to sell out your ethical landscape, wildlife and travel photography events, then please contact me to learn more.  I can help other ILPA Pro members to plug into the “International Landscape Photographers’ Association” network.

I'm a professional photographer and recreational climber based in Banff, AB since 1996. I'm married and run my photography business with my beautiful wife, Kazue. Together we organize and lead travel and landscape photography workshops and tours in both of our homes where we grew up, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Japan, and to many other places around the World. I lead tours year round in my hometown for the past 23 years, Banff, AB, which is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I've have been lucky to live, and now work, in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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