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Get the inside scoop on how to hear about each new free Sunrise/Sunset landscape photography session that I host about once a month.

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Polar Bear Photography at Sunset in Churchill, Manitoba     Last Fall I was graciously given the opportunity to help lead the Polar Bear Photography Specialty tours in Churchill, Manitoba for Frontiers North Adventures.  It was a great a experience.  …

Polar Bear at Sunset in Churchill Manitoba Read More »

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How to Create Amazing Vertical Pan Blur Abstract Photographs – Part 1   What is a Vertical Pan Blur Landscape Photograph? We’ve all been seeing cool vertical pan blur photography all over the internet recently.  They’re the latest and the …

How to Create an Abstract Vertical Pan Blur Landscape Photograph – Part 1 of 2 Read More »

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The Canadian Rockies Top Five Winter Landscape Photography Locations Part 1 – Banff National Park        I can hear all the dyed in the wool veteran landscape photographers out there saying, “Who made you the authority on landscape …

The Canadian Rockies Top Five Winter Landscape Photography Locations; Part 1 – Banff Read More »

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Guiding Polar Bear Wildlife Photography Tours Another piece of the annual photo tour cycle filled!   It’s official, I’ll be guiding several polar bear wildlife photography speciality tours up in Churchill, Manitoba late this Fall for Frontiers North Adventures.  Yep, …

Guiding Polar Bear Wildlife Photography Tours. Another piece in the annual photography tour cycle filled! Read More »

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The Feb. 3, 2017 edition of the ILPA weekly is here! “I think landscape photography in general is somewhat undervalued.” – Galen Rowell, Aug. 23, 1940 – Aug. 11, 2002      Galen was, and still is one of the landscape …

The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly, Fed. 3, 2017 edition, is published! Read More »

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     Landscape photography on the Banff Bow Valley Parkway Moose Meadows is simply amazing.  The parkway has a high concentration of world class landscape photography locations.  Other more popular ones, such as the Lake Louise shoreline, are easily found, …

Landscape Photography Moose Meadows on the Banff Bow Valley Parkway – Location Profile Read More »

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Winter can creatively be a slow time of year if you’re a landscape photographer.  You may even photographically feel like joining the grizzly bears in hibernation until Spring.  However, there are significant advantages to photographing in March that many landscape photographers often …

Five important steps for successful winter landscape photography Read More »

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