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What is the “Ask Brian…” Question and Answer Blog Series?

Do you have a Question about outdoor photography?  If you do, then Ask Brian… In an effort to make myself more accessible to photographers who follow my photography I’ve started a fun new way for you to communicate with me. 

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Pre Visualize the Perfect Landscape Photograph, then wait 22 years…

Rainbow over the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel An example of the classic technique:  Pre Visualize the Perfect Landscape Photograph and then relentlessly pursue it until you get it, Photographic Excellence achieved! Finding paradise I moved to Banff a few weeks after completing

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How to Create an Abstract Vertical Pan Blur Landscape Photograph – Part 1 of 2

How to Create Amazing Vertical Pan Blur Abstract Photographs – Part 1   What is a Vertical Pan Blur Landscape Photograph? We’ve all been seeing cool vertical pan blur photography all over the internet recently.  They’re the latest and the

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Emotional Communication through Landscape Photography

What is Emotional Communication and Photographic Excellence?…   This is the question Kristian Bogner asked me, and it caught me off guard.  Surprisingly, I hadn’t really thought about photographic excellence before.  As I tipped my head I looked down at

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The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly for Aug. 25, 2017 Featuring Mexican Fireflies is published!

The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly featuring Mexican Fireflies and 25 more amazing landscape and wildlife photography articles Aug. 25, 2017 edition is published!   What an amazing week for landscape photography, both personally and for the Continental community. 

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The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly, Jan. 27, 2017 edition, is Published!

The Jan. 27, 2017 edition of the ILPA weekly is here! Take a few minutes out of your day to nurture your artistic side!        The following post is a summary of the headlines in the newsletter.  To read the

The Polarizing Filter in landscape Photography – Pros and Cons of their use

I sincerely believe every landscape photographer NEEDS a polarizing filter.  It’s arguably the most important filter in your camera bag, but why do I think that? I’ll discuss the pros of using a polarizing filter first followed by a few cons.  I’ve