Enjoy an Intimate Photography Tour of the

Lake O’Hara Fall Colours

September 22-23, 2016 – $875+gst 

Limited to just two guests and two leaders;  a 1:1 ratio!

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Photographing the Lake O’Hara fall colours is the grand prize of landscape photography tours in the Canadian Rockies.  There are a lot of amazing places to photography landscape in the Canadian Rockies.  However, this truly is THE place to go for world class landscape photography in the mountains for many reasons, especially during the Fall to see the yellow alpine larches.  There are spectacular landscape photography compositions literally around every corner in this tiny little valley.  

We just returned from leading our larger group tour

into Lake O’Hara over the weekend and

the colour of the larches were just starting to peak on Sunday.  

Opabin Plateau, Lake O'Hara 2016
Larch trees on Opabin Plateau Lake O’Hara on Sunday Sept. 18, 2016.  The peak colour is happening now in Lake O’Hara.


We will be there during the absolute peak

of the yellow larch trees this year!

Beautiful Opabin Plateau in Lake O'Hara
Beautiful Opabin Plateau in Lake O’Hara

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     The Lake O’Hara Fall colours deserve their reputation for being the most beautiful place in the Canadian Rockies for landscape photography.  And, it is the best place to see the alpine larches in all their glory when their needles turn yellow in September.  The high alpine cirque valleys hide ancient snow covered glaciers just above where

A Little Pond on the Opabin Plateau, Lake O’Hara

the larches end at tree line.  This transition forms the beautiful background for mountain landscape photography.  All of these spectacular pictures elements come together perfectly to form a truly magical place for landscape photography with the fall colours in the rugged mountains of Banff and Yoho National Parks in The Canadian Rockies as the main subject.  

Do you need more convincing that this is one of the best landscape photography tours offered in the Canadian Rockies?  

Join Myself, a accredited professional photographer by the Professional Photographer’s of Canada, a licensed International Hiking Guide’s Association Hiking Guide, for our small and intimate photography tour of Lake O’Hara during the guaranteed peak of the Fall colours this year.  We’ll lead you through one of the best hiking trail networks in the mountains stopping to photograph the grand landscapes along the way.  

September 22-23, 2016

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