Winter Landscape Photography

Banff Landscape and Night Photography Workshop

A weekend of pure landscape photography from start to finish

November 24-26, 2017

Workshop full weekend registration fee – $????

24 Participants – Transportation provided

As the Fall starts to creep into Winter the doldrums set in for the Christmas holidays, November is a time when most Canadians tend to lay low and hibernate like the bears before the festive season arrive in December.  Let’s shake off the late Fall doldrums and take advantage of this quiet time to expand our the boundaries of our creative landscape photography.  This is the perfect time to take a landscape photography workshop from two established professional photographers in the Canadian Rockies.  Together we compose arguable the best Rockies based landscape photography partnership!

We’re offering an intensive landscape photography weekend workshop to bring you out of the Fall doldrums and open up your warm creative spirit.  Dust off our creative juices!  This is your opportunity to grow as a photographer before the Holiday season.  Not to mention we’ll give your photo editing brain a healthy workout.  This is a perfect opportunity to get away and immerse yourself into an intensive weekend of learning on a landscape photography workshop hosted in one of the best winter mountain landscapes destinations in the World taught by two of the most experienced and local pro landscape photographers, Dani Lefrancois and Brian Merry.  This is a great opportunity to sharpen your landscape photography skills up for an awesome Winter filled with great landscape and night sky photography.  

Join us for an incredible weekend of learning, shooting and editing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Banff National Park.  We’re two very experienced local workshop and landscape photography tour hosts based in the Canadian Rockies.  

Landscape Photographer Banff Brian merry
Brian Merry near the summit of South Howser Spire in the Buggaboos, BC

Brian is a professional landscape photographer and president of the International Landscape Photographers’ association.  Brian’s teaching and photography experience includes professional lab instruction experience in each of his four years and an undergraduate student at Acadia University studying in biology for 4 years, and more recently, 5 years of professional experience as an associate instructor in another field at Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta.  Brian’s also been leading photography tours and workshops in Canada and Japan for more than 10 years.  Please visit Brian’s workshop and tour overview webpage for a complete list of all of the events he offers across Canada and around the World.







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Dani Lafrancois (Biogragphy here, 250-450 words)

Dani’s professional photography experience spans more than 10 years.  She’s been, and continues to be, a significant part of the professional landscape industry in the Canadian Rockies and farther afield across Canada.  Be sure to visit Dani’s website (insert hyperlink to Dani here) to to see her comprehensive list of photography workshops and tours that she offers too.

Banff National Park is an exceptional landscape photography destination year round and the Winter season offers a unique set of circumstances that makes Banff possibly one of the best places on Earth to come for a Winter landscape photography workshop.  Banff is a busy little ski town in the winter and most of our visitors during this time of year spend their days on the slopes of of world class ski hills.  This fact leaves the scenic roadways nearly deserted at this time of year, yet the town takes on a euphoric, winter wonderland feel to it at night.  This is a good time of year to visit Banff for “Pure Winter” photography and for the night sky photography.  The snowpack is impressive how it drapes over the mountains and the workshop facilities are very, very comfortable with in house restaurant and spa/gym.

I’ll use all my experience I’ve gained by living and running my photography business in the are since 1996 to deliver what I think is a very comprehensive weekend photography workshop that contains the perfect blend of photography field sessions during the day and an ample amount of classroom time with structured lessons and an teaching goals.  Couple that with Dani’s professional talents and her approachable friendly personality, and we combine together to deliver possibly the best landscape photography instructor team in Canada.  Let us show you our unique and industry leading blend of landscape photography instruction.

Bring your laptop, camera gear, warm cloths and specialized equipment for cold weather and night sky photography.

Included in the full workshop cost is:

  • The evening opening presentations
  • Registration to the workshop including
  • The workshop fee transportation and all teaching materials/handouts.  We will be travelling as a group on a commercially licensed and insured 24 passenger bus during the tour.  Not included in the fee is lodging and food costs.  On site accommodation is available at a reduced workshop rate by quoting your registration 
  • Day time field sessions from sunrise to sunset on Saturday and Sunday
  • Nighttime and Aurora photography sessions Friday and Saturday night.