Condo Details – Your New Home!

The furnished room is

available July 1st


Couple Embracing while admiring the view of Banff and beyond on Tunnel Mountain. © Brian Merry


Call me if you’re interested in the condo

after watching the video below…


Rental Location:  Two blocks from downtown Banff and the IGA grocery store.  

Address:  #104, 404 Wolf Street, Banff, AB

Perks:  Private bathroom and very close to downtown.  But far enough away from Banff Avenue to be quiet late at night.  Shared BBQ included on the balcony.

Rent:  $800 single, $1100 for a couple + the same for security deposit

Utilities:  Included

Security deposit: $800 for single or $1100 couple

Internet:  Included

Email #:  brian@bmerryphotography.com



     The total area of the condo is about 1060sq. ft. The floor layout has one bedroom and one bathroom on either side of the living room/kitchen, which is located in the middle of the condo.  This layout essentially gives each bedroom a private bathroom.  You’ll see what I mean after watching the walk through video below.

     The condo address is 404 Wolf Street, unit 104.  This is about a 2 minute walk to downtown Banff and about 5 minutes to the IGA grocery store. 

Lots of street parking and secure underground bike storage:

     There is usually no problem finding room to park your car on the street pretty close to the condo.  There is also room to store and lock your bike up in the heated underground parking garage.  


Here’s a Youtube walk through video

for a better look at it.



About us:

     My wife and I live in the condo so you would be sharing it with us.  We’re a fairly active outdoor sports couple and we spend a fair bit of time hiking, camping, climbing and skiing in the mountains.  We also like to go on extended road trips about once a year… pre Covid!  I am a full time landscape photographer, which you’ll probably already know if you checked out my outdoor photography gallery under the tab at the top of this page.  My wife works at the Banff hospital.  You can learn more about us on my “about page” on this website, and on my landscape photography Facebook page


Our ideal Rommate(s):

     You’d be perfect if you’re outdoorsy and social, but you also understand that quiet time is a good thing too.  


If you’d like to be our new roommate(s) then

please watch the video tour and then email me at



Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you


What the security deposit is used for:

     The security deposit will be used to secure proper move, and 1 month move out notice, and too cover any potential damages.


Room details:

     Furnished with one queen bed.  This will give you more space in the already good sized bedroom. There are also a few tables, desk, and a mirror. 

     There is a free washing machine in the condo so laundry is included.  However, we don’t have a dryer but there is plenty of space in your walk-in closet to hang your clothes up to dry.  Call me to talk about it and to come by to see it.