Brian is by no doubt a passionate outdoor photographer and presenter.  He’s been a landscape photographer for more than twenty years photographing across Canada and around the world and giving professional presentations for over a decade.  His passion for photography shows through in his presentations.  His collection of wildlife, travel and landscape photography from around the world, and the stories behind the photographs, have grown into a rather large library over the decades since he began his professional photography career in 1997.  And, the list of presentations has grown as well.

     Brian’s presentations showcase his extensive collection of photographs, his comprehensive knowledge of photography and the business of photography.  He thoroughly enjoys delivering his presentations in his lighthearted and candid presentation style.  

Brian presenting at the 2016 Calgary Travel and Outdoor Adventure Show

Brian presenting at the 2016 Calgary Travel and Outdoor Adventure Show


The Presentations:

     Brian’s original outdoor photography presentation has been constantly evolving over the years.  Changing technology and growing world experiences together with his need to constantly learn and grow as a photographer have driven this change.  His own personal growth as a photographer coupled with the evolving photographic tastes of the industry have helped drive the growth and change in his original landscape photography presentation as well.  His original presentation has now grown and diversified into six separate and comprehensive 60 or 90 minute presentations on:

1/  Landscape Photography Across Canada and Around the world! – 85 minutes 

2/  Wildlife Photography – 55 minutes

3/  Adventure Sport Photography – 55 minutes

4/  The Passion of Outdoor Photography – an overview of all the subjects mentioned above along with his thoughts on photography as a fine art – 85 minutes

5/  Advanced outdoor photography shooting techniques and artistic editing – 55 minutes

6/ The Business and Art of Outdoor Photography – 55 minutes – Brian draws on his 20 years of experience as a professional photographer to tell it all.  He’ll explain how his dynamic and expressive business strategy has kept him shooting professionally since 1997 and helped him to lead the industry on multiple occasions both locally and nationally.  A story marrying the the contradictory strengths of the art of emotional communication needed to succeed in the art photography world with the dichotomy of running a sustainable “Art” business in a field that has experienced multiple growth spurts and dramatic changes over the decades.  Balance.


The Photography:

     Have Brian deliver one of his presentations to your audience highlighting selected photographs from his travels across Canada from coast to coast to coast, and from around the world.  His presentations include photographs from:

1/  The Mountains, from the Arctic to the North American Rocky Mountains and the South American Andes

2/  The Great Sandstone Arches of Utah to the lowest point of land on Earth, Death Valley, CA.  The great American Desert Southwest.

3/  Wildlife with all their personalities

4/  Japan – The blatant dichotomy of modern Japanese culture living in the fast lane celebrated along with traditions and architecture thousands of years old.  Harmony defined.

     Brian’s presentation resume includes more than 50 photography presentations during his career.  He’s also has an extensive background in presenting professionally in other fields of study.  His inherent versatility enables him to adapt his communication style effectively during his presentation and seminars to any group.  His professional and amateur presentation experience spans 25 years and includes:

1/  A professional associate college instructor position at Alberta’s Lakeland College in another field between 2006-2012.

2/  A lab Instructor in multiple subjects during each of his four years at Acadia University while completing his BSc.H degree in Biology in the 1990’s.

3/  5 years of group leadership experience as a recreational skiing and mountain climbing trip leader with the Alpine Club of Canada.

4/  Organizing and leading numerous professional photography tours and workshops since 2007.

5/  Many presentations and seminars on wildlife photography, landscape photography and the business of photography.  He’s lost count.

6/  Organizing and leading 4 international altitude climbing expeditions climbing over 6000m three times.

7/  His position as the president of the International Landscape Photographers’ Association, ILPA.  Some of his responsibilities at ILPA include organizing, hosting and being the Master of Ceremonies at the annual ILPA landscape photography conference.

He’ll be sharing the stories behind the photography in his entertaining presentation at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel and Conference Centre.  See you in October in Halifax!

Brian is an accredited member of the Professional Photographer’s of Canada and he is the president of the International Landscape Photographers’ Association, ILPA.  Please visit the websites to learn more about Brian, the International Landscape Photographers’ Association and Canada’s annual Landscape Photography Conference.

International Landscape Photographers Association members will receive 20% off of their registration price.  Simply contact Brian after you register to ask for your discount.  If you’re interested in becoming a member of ILPA then please visit the website to learn more about the benefits of an ILPA membership.

I look forward to seeing you in Halifax, my hometown, in October!