The new Canon wildlife photography camera the Canon 7D mark II versus the Canon 7D and the 70D

Interested in wildlife photography and searching for the right camera?  Consider looking at the new Canon 7D mark II.

Canon wildlife photography camera

Is the canon 7D mark II, the next best “wildlife/sports” camera?

The MP size increase is slight at 20.2 MP but there are a host of other improvements over the 7D and especially the 70D.  The APS-C sensor (cropped sensor) also gives you that extra reach usually needed for wildlife.  The ISO noise performance over the 7D and 70D has been significantly increased as well.  The acceptable quality of the image at high ISOs will give you more confidence to push the ISO a bit as the light fades too.  The focusing has been improved as well over the older models.  Time will tell if if “meets the mark” but I have good expectations from what I read in the few reviews I looked over so far.

Being a cropped sensor you might be challenged with your wide angle shots of landscapes unless you already have lenses in the 11mm range.  Keep the cropped factor and the inventory of lens you already have in mind when deciding whether to buy this camera or not.

The video capabilities are great. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for video.  I won’t get into the video qualities here but you can read a great review of all the new features and how they stack up to other models in the canon line-up here.

I usually go to dpreview to study the specs of cameras but I found their review fell short of what I was looking for this time.  I found most useful was the review by that compare the 7D markII to the Canon 7D and 70D.  This is worth a read if you have time.

But, is is good for landscape photography?  Well, yes, and maybe not.

The noise seems does to be well within an acceptable level for the ISOs that landscape photographers will use.  And, canon has some good cropped frame ultra wide angle lenses that will keep even the “get it all in the frame” landscape photographers happy.  So my answer has to be to get the body for the landscape lens you already own.  A good quality cropped lens is a fraction of the price of a good quality full frame lens and the top quality full frame lens “generally” only give you a bit of a noticeable improvement in image quality when observed at magnification with a critical eye.

I’m generally known by my customers as primarily a landscape photographer.  However, I spend a lot of time photographing wildlife during certain times of the year as I will be in the coming months this spring when I’ll be photographing a lot of black and grizzly bears.  I might be getting a Canon 7D mark II soon to have in the passenger seat of the car beside my 5D mark III.  Incidentally, I am considering upgrading to the new 5Dsr for landscape photography.  I’m still thinking about the 50MP images and if they are really worth it.  I’m leaning towards yes because I print my limited edition fine art photography quite large and the larger file size would be a significant benefit for large prints.  The canon 7D markII sells at The Camera Store in Calgary, AB for $1899.00 at the time of writing this post.  

Time will tell which new camera body I buy this spring but it will either be a canon 5Dsr or a canon 7D mark II.


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