Golden Temple

The 2022 Japan Photography Tour

7 days and 6 nights

During the usual Peak of the Cherry Blossom Bloom in Kyoto,

The Cultural Heart of Japan

The last tour was a huge success! 
And we’re going back after the Pandemic passes.

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the  April 3-9, 2022 Japan Tour

from $5995 CDN (~ $4500 USD)

A Geisha on the streets of Kyoto, Japan

Tour Leaders:  Brian and Kazue Merry  


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Call me with your questions!

at 403-763-1114

Our Intimate Japan photography tour is 

limited to 6 guests with Brian and Kazue Merry

co-leading the tour = Quality!

All dates and times in Japanese time unless otherwise stated.  

Kinkaku Ji, the golden temple in Japan © www.brianmerry.ca


How to contact Kazue and I in Japan after we arrive there about a week before you do?:

     Our all inclusive Japan Photography Tour in the cultural heart of Japan, Kyoto, during the peak tourist season of the year might be something you’ll want to attend.  There is no other English speaking and Japanese lead photography tours like this available during peak tourist season in Japan, the peak of the cherry blossoms in the cultural heart of Japan.  This is the best of the best Japan Photography Tours really.

     Join Kazue and I on our small intimate group tour of 6 guests maximum as we show you the cultural heart of Japan and Kazue’s home country for the first 30 years of her life.  This promises to be a culturally rich Japan travel photography tour as we show you her native land from a photographer’s perspective.  We’ll explain Japan’s unique culture through the eyes of a Japanese citizen, Kazue, while I coach you on how to photograph it in the beautiful little side alleys, during our cultural walks, in the gardens filled with blooming cherry trees and during a traditional cultural Geisha theatre performances.  We’ve even have a planned private group session with a Geisha during one of our dinners. 

     I need to mention that you need to be prepared to walk 4-10km per day during the tour.  You need to be comfortable walking this amount of distance each day to participate in the tour.  There is a half day in the middle of the tour set aside for your own self directed free time.  You may  also take a extra day or more off away the tour itinerary too if you’d like to have a additional day to rest or explore Gion at your own pace. 

     However, I recommend that you arrive a day two earlier or stay  over after the tour if you’d like to explore on your own.  We have many diverse and exciting things planned for us to do each day.   You won’t want to miss any one of them.  This tour is going to be a lot of fun!

We’re strategically hosting our Japan photography tour

during the usual peak of the cherry blossoms in the cultural heart of Japan.  

     This is PEAK tourist season in Japan.  It’s not the shoulder season like you’ll often find on other photography tours of Japan being offered at elevated prices.  We pack a lot of value into a week for you.  We will see cherry blossoms in bloom.  I know the area so well that I am positive that I will be able to find cherry blossoms for you to photograph.  The only question is if we’ll hit the exact peak of the blooms.  I know the area very well and have determined that this week is the usual peak so we should have a great trip!  I believe that we offer the best English speaking, Japanese lead, photography tour of Japan available today.  How can we do this?  The Locals and the Pros know how to do it, and Kazue and I are exactly that.  Together, we both have the intimate local knowledge and the professional travel photography experience to deliver a top notch tour.

“But, will we see Geishas?”

     It’s very likely that we’ll have numerous chances to photography Geishas in their traditional kimono dress holding traditional umbrellas on the streets rushing between their social appointments.  In the highly unlikely event that don’t have the opportunity to photograph Geishas on the streets, you will definitely get a chance to photograph them during our planned evening session at the Geisha theater where they’ll be performing for us live.  Photography is permitted during their performance as well.

     Kyoto  ‘is’ Japanese cultural contrast at it’s best.  I sincerely believe that this will be a tour for you to remember for the rest of your life.  And, for all the right reasons too! 

     Would you like to be kept up to date on this tour?  Let me know by sending me an email found on my contact page that you want me to add you to the information email list for the Japan Photography Tour.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.  Please call me with your questions in the US and Canada at 403-763-1114 or 011-403-763-1114 internationally.  Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you in Japan in the Spring of 2021!  

Call me at  1-403-763-1114, or

email me at brian@bmerryphotography.com

with your questions

A Japanese Maca looks at me while he’s having a soak in a hot spring. © www.brianmerry.ca
*  All sales are final for this tour and refunds are not available.
Japan Tour cancellation policy:

     We want to thank you for expressing your interest in the Japan Photography Tour.  And, due to the logistics and planning involved in this overseas tour we’re unable to offer refunds on your registration for the tour.  We would love to have you along, but please note that all sales are final and refunds or balance transfers cannot be issued for any reason.  We hope you are still able to fit this tour into your schedule.  Kazue and I sincerely look forward to seeing you in Japan in the Future!