The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly is out! Click this photo to read the latest edition.

A new issue of the ILPA weekly has been published!

Follow the link to read all the great landscape and wildlife photography articles that we’ve collected and screened for you this week!


The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly is out! 


     Happy Friday, or TGIF as the saying goes.  The end of the week is here and the weekend is about to start.  For many of us that means that we finalizing our plans for our downtime over the coming weekend.  If you’re reading this blog then some of your plans might include getting outside to enjoy the outdoors with your photography.  I know that’s what I’m planning now that another issue of the International landscape Photographers’ newsletter, the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly, is published.

     The past week was very busy for us at the International landscape Photographers’ as we held our annual conference, the Banff Photography Summit, here in Banff again this year.  We had presenters fly and drive in from all over the country.  Do want to learn more about the International Landscape Photographers?  Then follow the link to learn all about ILPA and what the benefits of your ILPA membership are.  I won’t get into details about the Summit too much here because you can go to the website to read about the leading landscape, wildlife, and travel adventure photographers we had presenting there.  We also had the largest Camera retailer in Western Canada, The Camera Store, there to show you the latest and greatest gear.

What’s in this week’s edition?

     This week in the ILPA newsletter we have another great lineup of interesting articles that we’ve found for you over the past week.  One of the headlines is about a tutorial on focus stacking.  This technique is very useful to help us to create images with everything in tack sharp focus in our ultra wide landscape photographs.  We’ve linked back to our list of Canadian regional landscape and wildlife photography FB groups again too.  Why?  Because these group are a great way to connect my local photographers and learn about new areas in Canada from the locals before you travel around the country.  BTW, if you would like me to start up regional groups for other regions in North America then just let me know.  If there is enough interest I might do that or I’ll search those regions for you to connect you with these groups if they already exist.

One last thing.

Discounts on Workshops and Tours for ILPA members

     One of the benefits of being an ILPA member is that you receive at least a 10% discount on the annual ILPA Summit and all of the ILPA supported workshops, tours, and events that ILPA pros list on the ILPA website under the ILPA community Tours and Workshops around the world.  The amount of money you’ll save on the discount on one of these tours will likely cover the entire cost of your membership to ILPA as well.  It just makes sense to become part of ILPA.  

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the ILPA Weekly!!


I'm a professional photographer and recreational climber based in Banff, AB since 1996. I'm married and run my photography business with my beautiful wife, Kazue. Together we organize and lead travel and landscape photography workshops and tours in both of our homes where we grew up, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Japan, and to many other places around the World. I lead tours year round in my hometown for the past 23 years, Banff, AB, which is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I've have been lucky to live, and now work, in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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