The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly Newsletter, edition Dec. 30, 2016

The Newsletter

     Christmas has come and gone with another week passing.  And with that, we have the latest edition of the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly newsletter published.  This issue features the legendary Art Wolfe as this week’s headliner.   The weekly is ready for you to pour over during your leisure time leading up to the New Year.  Just click on the link above to read it.  If you’d like to have the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly emailed to your inbox every week, then simply sign up for it in the top right corner of the newsletter, beside the orange “Subscribe” button.  I hope you choose to subscribe to it and continue to enjoy reading the ILPA L&W photography Weekly as much as I enjoy finding the great articles each week to share with you in it.

Polar bears on frozen tundra © Mike Grandmaison

     Our headliner this week, Art Wolfe, is highlighting some of his stunning wildlife photography from his travels around the world in his article.  We have a story from Outdoor Photography Canada magazine on Macro photography, a video on Sunrise and long exposure photography, and even a daring story about a photographer who approached to within inches of a crocodile to “get the shot”.  That last one probably raises several safety and ethical questions for many of you.  It certainly does for me.  When that article caught my eye I knew I had to include in this weeks edition of the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly for you hoping you’ll think about your own safety and ethics in landscape and wildlife photography.

The ‘Almost Free’ Banff Sunrise/Sunset Meet Up Group

     One of the other headlines this week is about the ‘Almost Free” sunrise/sunset landscape photography meetup in Banff that I practically give away to photographers once a month.  At first glance it may seem a little crazy that I practically give a tour away once a month that I normally charge 10x the price for on any other day during the month.  I thoroughly explain why I do this in here.  

     It all comes down to the the fact that more people come to the meet up if I charge a few dollars than if I simply give it away.  I know, that’s weird.  You’ll understand after reading the article I linked to in the previous paragraph…  At any rate, space is limited in this almost free tour and it fills up very quickly after I announce it in the meet up group and in the free North American regional landscape and wildlife photography facebook groups that I administer, which is another totally free thing I do to support the industry right across the Continent.  Anyone can join the meetup group for free and sign up for the almost free photography tours through the group.   This is a great way for photographers on a budget to get some almost free experienced professional guidance once a month in Banff.

     Do you like to travel for your photography?  I do, and there is another great article in the newsletter by the Globe and Mail highlighting the National Geographic top travel photography destinations in 2017.  This article will help to give a little inspiration for us all to grab our camera backpack and to hit the road!  Check ’em out.  I was inspired to get out there by their list of top travel photography destination for 2017.

The 2017 Banff Landscape and Wildlife Photography Summit

     How about combining the Summit with one of National Geographic’s top travel destination for 2017, Banff National Park?  No kidding, the Globe and Mail reported that Banff made Nat Geo’s 2017 list of top travel destinations.  Why not combine your trip here with attending the ILPA Banff Landscape Photography Summit.  We have some of Canada’s top landscape Photographers coming to present again this year.  One of them is the legendary Mike Grandmaison.  Mike is coming to deliver his keynote presentation on Friday to open up the 2017 ILPA Banff Landscape Photography Summit.  Mark the Summit weekend of  Jan.13-15, 2017 off in your calendar to be here.  This pure landscape and wildlife photography conference is probably the event of the year for the industry.  You’ll want to be here for it.

     There are a ton of other reasons to come to the Summit this year.  Check out the Summit website for all of the details about the speakers presenting in Banff in two weeks.  I hope to see you here at the Summit too!

**   The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography weekly is a free newsletter offered by the International Landscape Photographers.  To learn more about ILPA and about the conference that we host every year in Banff, please click on the ILPA link.  I hope to see you at the Summit! **

I'm a professional photographer and recreational climber based in Banff, AB since 1996. I'm married and run my photography business with my beautiful wife, Kazue. Together we organize and lead travel and landscape photography workshops and tours in both of our homes where we grew up, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Japan, and to many other places around the World. I lead tours year round in my hometown for the past 23 years, Banff, AB, which is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I've have been lucky to live, and now work, in some of the most beautiful places in the world.