365 Day Photo Project: Day 1 – Lake Minnewanka

I decided to start a new project yesterday, and today is day 1! I decided that I’m going to get out to make at least one photograph each day for the next year. I’ll save all of the photos and create another sort of project at the end of it all as well. That’ll likely be a combination of a book, longer length video and a feature presentation about my journey.

I’m pretty excited about this project for a number of reasons. First of all, this is going to give me a little more motivation to get out everyday to shoot. Secondly, this project is going to give me some more motivation to improve my video skills, which are pretty amateurish at the moment. And finally, I’m looking forward to seeing and experiencing the numerous other beautiful things that I’ll see along the way! Life is an adventure, and I’m livin’ mine to the max!

Lake Minnewanka, Day 1 of my 365 Day Photo Project. © www.BrianMerry.ca

Where to Follow the Project Progress

You’ll see all of the photos in an album on my Facebook page, even the bad ones. Be sure to stop by to the exhibition there as it grows. And, I’ll occasionally make a video to go along with some photos as well. I’m only making occasional videos because they do take a bit more time to create. And they require that the photo already be edited before I edit the video. I’ll have daily access to my powerful editing computer in my studio in order to do that, which I won’t have everyday. But, be sure to check out the videos on my Youtube Channel to follow my journey as it happens, or to catch up if you needed to go away for a while to have your own fun.

When I post my progress on the project here in a blog post I’ll usually lump a week or more into each blog post. I’ll do this to not waste your time flipping through post after post and post after…

Also, when I’m on the road travelling for photography, which I often am, it may be a few days between project updates. When that happens I’ll also be posting a bunch of photos at a time when I return back to my computer. But, don’t worry. Each day of the project, or group of days, will be clearly mentioned in the title of each video and photo.

I want to apologize in advance that I am relatively new to video production so some of my videos will be a bit amateurish looking, especially at the start of the project. But, they will improve. My desire to improve my video skills is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this project in the first place!

So consider subscribing to my Youtube channel to be notified whenever I publish new video and click “get Notifications” on my FB page to enjoy my 365 Day Photo Project journey with me!