Workshops and Tours

All workshops and tours are lead by Brian Merry, an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.  Brian is an experienced certified professional instructor with a diverse teaching background.  At Acadia University he worked as an assistant lab instructor all four years he attended Acadia University while earning his BSc. with honours in Biology.  He later went on to become a certified associate instructor at Lakeland College in the fire fighter program for six years.  He has organized and lead numerous photography workshops and tours in Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Parks and in Japan.

Private landscape photography workshops and tours are available.  The format of these tours are based on the Banff National Park day tour but can be customized including a day trip to Jasper and back.  A return photography trip to Jasper is longer than the regular day trips but is offered at the regular full day rate.  Private overnight trips are available and are particularly effective when the priority is Grizzly bear Photography in the Spring.  He is very experienced in organizing large group and custom traveling adventures and can put a tour together a custom tour to highlight whatever you want too do.  Just contact me to talk about the details.

Private Landscape and Wildlife Photography Workshops and Tours:

Half day tours (4 hours) are $400 based on two people + $150/additional

Full Day tours are (10 hours) are $650 based on two people + $225/additional

          – lunch is included in the full day tours

Brian and the vehicles he uses are commercially licensed and insured for the mountain parks.  For more information on private tours please visit here.

Seminars, Workshop and Tour Schedule for 2017-18 

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