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This week I decided to add a few extra articles about the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  Why, because I think that this National Park should be on every photographers bucket list and I’ve been planning my own trip there this coming Fall.  I was first introduced to this amazing place by Bruce Barnbaum way back in the 1990s and early 2000s when I was experimenting with large format photography with a beautiful Linhof Technika III that I purchased secondhand on Ebay.  I had a beautiful little 600 square foot studio and darkroom that I used to process the 4×5 negatives I shot with this lovely “little” view camera.  Bruce’s has been a  photographer I’ve looked up too ever since then and I’m happy to have his essay featured in the headlines of this week’s edition of the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly newsletter.  This is the weekly newsletter from the International landscape Photographers’ association.  Be sure to keep an eye on their website.  The next Landscape and wildlife photography conference is going to be announced soon.  This event always receives rave reviews and it’s one weekend you won’t want to miss this Fall.


Naturally, I suppose since this week’s issue is dedicated to the spectacular Olympic Peninsula, I needed one of the  headline articles to include a nice selection of photographs from Olympic National Park.  This selection is brought to you by National Geographic.  This beautiful collection of photographs highlights all of the beautiful “must see” places in the park.  This is a definite shot list that landscape photographers should take a look at when researching where to shoot during their trip to the Park.  It’s also a nice list for locals in Seattle to tick off during multiple visits to the area.

Have you ever wanted your work represented in a notable art gallery?  I have.  We’ve included part 1 in a 2 part series on a guide to art galleries.  Learn about what a gallery is looking for and how to get into one.  Be sure to check the next issue of the ILPA Weekly as well for part 2 in this series.

From Our Prolific VP, Rich Leighton

We have a few articles from our ILPA vice president, Rich Leighton, too this week.  Rich is a very prolific photographer and in this week’s edition he has photographs and short writes about white sand dunes in Florida,  the Valley of Fire in Arizona and the Bow River which flows through Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.  Rich is definitely a prolific landscape photographer to follow.  He lives in Kent, WA too, part of the Greater Seattle area.

One more article in the newsletter I’d like to mention to you here is a write from the good folks at the “Really Right Stuff” ball head and tripod company.  They have a beautiful article on Kilauea, the famous Hawaiian volcano.  It’s written from a photographer’s perspective for photographers.  Be sure to check out the ins and outs of how he was able to easily access these perfect viewpoints to photograph the lava flowing into the sea , among many other great locations for dramatic volcanic landscape photography.

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition featuring the Olympic Peninsula and share it with your friends on facebook/twitter/G+.  I really enjoy putting together this each week and I hope you enjoy reading it too.  If you like the newsletter take the time to subscribe to it to have it emailed to you each week.  I’ve been a passionate landscape photographer since the late 1980s and I use this passion scour the web each week to find the articles I find interesting and want to read, and then share them with you.  I hope you like them.

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