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Private Photography Tours, Day and Night

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Mount Rundle Fire. A beautiful sunrise morning by Banff landscape photographer, Brian Merry

Mount Rundle Fire. A beautiful sunrise by Banff landscape photographer, ©

A beautiful Winter Day near Lake Louise in Banff National Park. ©

      One of the best ways to help you to get the most out of your time in the Rockies is to hire a longtime local photography guide for one of our private photography tours, lead by Brian Merry.  It just makes sense to have a local show you around, and it makes better sense to have a 20+ year, local, professional photographer show you around.  Veteran local pros not only knows where all the good spots are to get the classic, and sometimes World class unique landscape photographs In the Canadian Rockies.  A longtime local pro photographer knows where to find Great photographs even when the weather is terrible.

Aurora and Vermillion Lake, Banff National Park. ©

     Hiring an established, local pro for a private photography tour is definitely your best bet to maximize your photography and your time in a new location.  I suggest hiring me early on in your trip rather than at the end of your stay.  During our tour I’ll be giving you lots of great local hints and tips about where to shoot and when to shoot on your own.  Make sure you bring a map and a notepad!  You can then use these local tips to likely enhance the rest of your stay in the Canadian Rockies.  

     That last part is probably the most important too.  I know this area so well that I can find amazing locals to photograph no matter what type of weather we have on the day of your tour, and during anytime of the day.  And, it’s just as important to know how to link as many of these great landscape photography locations up together in the shortest amount of time.  I won’t waste your time in the Rockies.  And, I’ll set you up great with hints and tips for the rest of your stay here.  I sincerely want you to have a great time exploring my home for the past 20+ years!


Night Sky Photography Specialty Sessions


Banff Aurora Night Photography

The Aurora in Banff National Park, taken beside the refuge of my warm car… ©


     The Canadian Rockies has become known for it’s amazing nighttime conditions for night sky photography.  If you google “Aurora Photography in Banff,” or “Night Sky Photography in Banff,” you’ll see a ton of amazing photographs pop up from all over the park.  The dark skies are abundant around Banff and Lake Louise.  Jasper has also been designated as a “Dark Sky Preserve.”  There are quite a few great night sky photography locations to photograph from in the Rockies.  

     During our tours we always shoot close to the vehicle too.  We do this so we can jump in to warm up as needed.  It can be pretty chilly at night here, even in the middle of Summer.  I’ll advise you on how to deal with the cold while we’re out.  We have some of our own great night sky locations to shoot from as well.  The dark skies are abundant around Banff and Lake Louise.   Jasper has also been designated as a “Dark Sky Preserve.”

     Are you wondering if you have the right equipment for night sky photography.  Be sure to read my blog article on “How to Photograph the Night Sky and a Meteor Shower!”  I have a lot of great advice, and a few tricks on how to photograph the night sky.


The night sky can light up on any given night without warning. I’m connected with the best night sky weather sites so I can maximize our time outdoors.   This photo was taken during a scouting trip in Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon during one of my trips up North.  ©


Private photography tours and lesson rates*:

Sunrise/Sunset/Night Sky session (2 hours) are $200* based on two people + $60/additional

Half day/night session (4 hours) are $300* based on two people + $100/additional

Full day/night session (8-10 hours) are $500* based on two people + $200/additional

                 – lunch is included in the full day tours

* add 25% for night sky photography tours

All vans and cars used on the tours are commercially licensed and insured to be legally operated during commercial tours in the National Parks.


* Tour cancellation policy:  
–  When originally booking with Brian Merry Photography, customers are required to pay a retainer.  The retainer for all private tours is $200+GST=$210.  It is used to remove time for your tour from inventory and block it off for you.  The retainer is not returnable once received due to the service outlined above that has been provided immediately upon booking and receipt of the retainer.  The remaining balance for the half day and full day tour price is for the actual tour service.
–   The remaining balance for the total half or full day tour price is for the actual tour service.  If the customer cancels the tour longer than 14 days before the start of the tour, then 100% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($100+GST for half day tours and $300+GST for full day tours) but the retainer is not returned due to the work already delivered which is outlined above.  
–   If the customer cancels between 14 days and 24 hours before the tour service then 50% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($50 for a half day tour and $150 for a full day tour).  The retainer is not returned.
–  If the customer cancels with less than 24 hours notice than the entire tour service fee, and the retainer are not returned.