Join a Popular Banff National Park

Landscape Photography Group Day Tour



The Rundle Diamond in Banff National Park, taken close to the Winter Solstice. ©


One of the best ways to photograph the landscapes of Banff National Park with group transportation and meals included is to join one of my group day tours.  Join me, and a small group of other photographers, on an all inclusive Banff National Park Landscape Photography day tour without breaking the bank.  If you’re flexible about the day you join me for your Banff National Park Landscape Photography tour, and you don’t mind sharing a tour van and the amazing locations we’ll visit throughout the day we about 6-8 other enthusiastic landscape photographers, then a group Banff Landscape Photography Tour is a good option for you.  I’ve been hosting this popular group day tour of Banff National Park since 2007.  The longevity of this tour alone is a testament to it’s quality and value.


The often overlooked, but beautiful, Moose Meadows. RGB colour harmony.  ©

I typically host 4-5 group tours throughout the year.  Two are usually held in the Winter and one in each of the other seasons.  These are the upcoming tours presently available with links to their respective registration pages:

December 2, 2017- click to learn more and to book now

The December tour is a perfect time to visit Banff at typically the quietest time of year.  The Park is seemly empty compared to about 90% of the rest of the year.  The snow is starting to blanket the mountains and the Sun is low in the sky all day casting warm and glowing sunlight on the Wintry mountain landscape.  This is the Winter landscape that photographers dream of exploring.

January 27, 2018 – click to learn more and to book now

The January tour coincides with the International Lake Louise Ice Carving competition  during the Banff and Lake Louise Winter Carnival, the Ice Magic festival.  We’ll spend all day photographing the pristine Winter landscapes of the relatively empty park before heading up to the busy Lake Louise shoreline to photograph the freshly completed ice sculptures close to Sunset.  We might have a chance to photograph a few of the artists putting the finishing touches on their masterpieces.