Join a Popular Banff National Park

Landscape Photography Group Day Tour

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The Rundle Diamond in Banff National Park, taken close to the Winter Solstice. © www.brianmerry.ca


     One of the best ways to photograph the landscapes of Banff National Park with group transportation and meals included is to join one of my group day tours.  Join me, and a small group of other photographers, on an all inclusive Banff National Park Landscape Photography day tour without breaking the bank. 

     If you’re flexible about the day you go on your tour of the Canadian Rockies then join me on one of the group Banff National Park Landscape Photography tour.  You’ll share a tour van with a handful of other photographers on this tour while we visit amazing locations throughout the day.  If this tour format, and low price appeals to you then  join about 5-8 other enthusiastic landscape photographers and I on the next group Banff Landscape Photography Tour.  I’ve been hosting this popular group day tour of Banff National Park since 2007.  The longevity of this tour alone is a testament to it’s quality and value.  I hope to see you out on one soon!


The often overlooked, but beautiful, Moose Meadows. RGB colour harmony.  © www.brianmerry.ca

I typically host 4-5 group tours throughout the year.  Two are usually held in the Winter and one in each of the other seasons.  Here’s a link to the registration page for the next group Banff Landscape Photography Day Tour:


June 3, 2018 – click to learn more and to book now

     The June 2018 tour coincides with the roadside flowers blooming between Banff and Lake Louise.  We get to see the beautiful lush green valley floor transition towards the snow capped peaks at this time of year.  It is a special time for renewable in the Rockies!   This tour is limited to 9 photographers. 

     *IF* we see a grizzly bear during the tour we’ll stop briefly to photography him before moving on to the next landscape photography destination.  We have seen and photographed bears about 90% of the time on the May and June landscape photography tours.  The goal of a wildlife encounter is that we don’t change the behaviour of the animals that we photograph.  And, we photograph them safely from inside of the vehicle pulled over safely on the side of the road.  The bears come first!

I’ll teach you this beautiful technique during the tour.  © www.brianmerry.ca


A March 2018 Trip Advisor review:

“I had never been on either a photo tour nor attended a photo workshop prior to the 2018 Banff National Park Spring Landscape Photography Day Tour. I’m glad I now have!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was hoping for a good mix of technical instruction along with the location tour. I wasn’t disappointed. Even though we had winter weather for most of our spring tour, Brian took advantage of his local knowledge and brought us to locations that were photogenic. He taught us some new tricks, and skills, and was able to meet each of on the tour at our individual levels of expertise.

K. S.”