The Almost Free Landscape Photography tour

at Sunrise or Sunset


Mount Rundle Fire. A beautiful sunrise morning by Banff landscape photographer, ©

What is this?

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Free landscape photography Sunrise/Sunset tour here!


I know that this sounds too good to be true.  But it is true that I offer an almost free landscape photography tour at either Sunrise or Sunset once a month.  You’re probably thinking why a 21+ year local landscape photography professional is practically giving away sunrise/sunset landscape photography tours.  Is he desperate?  What’s the catch, and why is he doing this?  How can he stay in business?

These are all good questions.  And, the answer is pretty simple.  I’m comfortable enough with the income that I earn in the rest of my business services that I charge my regular prices for that I have time to offer an almost free landscape photography tour once a month to all photographers.  I charge $200 for the regular 2 hour sunrise or sunset landscape photography tour on the other 29 or so days in the month.  Plus, I offer an extensive complement of other interesting tours and workshops throughout the year in a wide variety of locations.  You can check out the list of photography tours and workshops that I offer here.

However, I also understand that many photographers can’t afford me when they’re just starting out.  I know I couldn’t afford me when I first picked up a camera nearly 30 years ago as a teenager.  If you’re in the same boat I was once in, then this tour is intended to help you out.  All photographers are equally welcome no matter what experience or income level they are in.  But for one day of the month I try to offer my services to everybody.

What happens to the $10?

I’m going to buy you a coffee and a muffin or a donut after the tour with the $10.00 that I collect from the landscape photographers who sign up for this special offer on my meetup page.  Let’s have a chat over coffee after we shoot.  People to sign up for the photography tour I will buy you a coffee/tea/juice and a breakfast sandwich/pastry at our meetup point.  So, the tour ends up essentially being free. money that I make in my regular workshops and tours

I hope you like what I came up with to give back to the outdoor photography community.  I like the balance that this brings to my business towards serving all photographers!