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Lake O’Hara Photography

Tour Equipment List


Elizabeth Parker Hut, our home during the Lake O'Hara tour. Photo courtesy of the Alpine Club of Canada

Elizabeth Parker Hut, our home during the Lake O’Hara tour. Photo courtesy of the Alpine Club of Canada


     Below is a suggested equipment list for the Lake O’Hara landscape photography tour.  Please note that “No suitcases” should be brought on the trip please.  Only use backpacks or duffle bags.  You have to carry your gear 800m up a trial from where the bus drops us off, to the Elizabeth Parker Hut.  If you have to carry a suitcases on the rustic trial it would be uncomfortable.  You can find nice backpacks to purchase at reasonable prices for your personal gear at Mountain Equipment Co-op if you need to buy one.  There is a store on the corner of 10th ave. and 8th st. SW in Calgary.


Personal Items for overnight tours:

hut shoes/slippers

sleeping bag (rated for 0 degrees or colder)

hiking shoes/boots

2 pairs of socks

long underwear

wind pants for hiking

rain pants (gore-tex is best)

light hiking shirt

heavy hiking shirt/fleece

soft shell jacket for wind

Rain jacket (gore-tex is best)

light gloves

warm hat

light down jacket

personal bathroom items


sunglasses and sunscreen

EARPLUGS! (the sleeping area is a co-ed dorm so be prepared for someone to be snoring)

All kitchen supplies are provided

Bug spray isn’t necessary.  There will have been several frosty morning by the time we get there and the biting insects will be virtually all gone)

Pack cloths accordingly expecting below 0ºC in the morning/evening


Suggested camera equipment

Camera gear backpack

ultra-wide zoom 14mm-35mm (full frame equivalent)

mid range zoom, 24mm-70mm (full frame equivalent)

moderate telephoto zoom, 70mm-200mm (full frame equivalent)

macro lens

extra batteries (there is no power at the hut to recharge batteries)

lots of extra memory cards

camera mount flash and sync cord


circular polarizing filter


remote shutter release cord for long exposures at night

camera body(s)

pen and notepad