Canadian Rockies Landscape Photography Tour

July 6-8, 2018 

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Mount Rundle Fire, Vermillion Lakes ©


Tour Leader:  Brian Merry

Brian Merry’s professional photography career started in 1997 in Banff, Banff National Park.  Brian is the president of the International Landscape Photographers’ Association, a certified “Nature photographer” from the Professional Photographers of Canada, an Apprentice Interpretive Guide with the Interpretive Guides’ Association, he has more that 5 years of professional college associate instructor experience at Lakeland College in and nother field, and finally he holds a BSc. with Honours in Biology from Acadia University.

Multiple Dates in 2018: 

     Tour 1:  June 30 -July 2 – Jasper to Banff (July long weekend)

     Tour 2:  Aug. 4-6 – Banff to Jasper (August long weekend)

     Tour 3:  Sept. 14-16 – Banff to Jasper (Fall Colour season in the Rockies)


Start:  July 6-8 at 7:30am, sunrise in Banff is at 5:35 am

End:  Jasper at 5:15pm (sunset is at ??? pm)

Meeting place:  The Banff Railway Station, 327 Railway Ave., Banff, AB

Location:  Banff Rundlestone Inn

Tickets:  $975.00 + GST – ILPA members receive a $100 refund on their registration (ILPA members should contact Brian Merry to receive their $100 refund after their registration process is complete.  Refunds are not available after the event has started.  Contact me early please!)

**Extra Intensive Editing day**:  Would you like an extra day of instruction to practice and firmly ground the editing lessons we presented over the weekend.  Then spend an extra day with us in a likely smaller group for lots of one on one time.

What’s Included:  Transportation and two full time, professional photographers.  Brian Merry is certified as an Apprentice Interpretive Guide by the International Guides Association, IGA, and TBA has a landscape photography career spanning more than a decade in the Rockies.

What’s not included:  Accommodation and food.  Their is a restaurant on site at the venue.  There is also discount on the regular room rates on site.  To receive the discount simply mention that your’re registered in the workshop when making your booking.  There are many hotel options within 200m of the Rundlestone.

Number of Students: maximum 12 students


Aurora Borealis. ©


The Banff Landscape Photography Workshop is a weekend of intensive shooting and learning.  The emphasis of this event is on the learning through presentations, editing demonstrations, photography field trips and a critique review of your photographs.  Join TBA and I as we host a loaded weekend of nature photography for you.


The Road to Happiness, 2012

We’ll teach you how to edit a digital RGB image to simulate a traditional Infrared photograph, like this one. ©


Rundlestone Executive Host Suite where the classroom sessions are held. (photo used with permission from the Rundlestone Lodge)


Please make sure you’re well rested before you come to the workshop.  We will be staying up late sometimes to photograph the night sky.

We’ll have some reading material to give to you before you arrive in Banff to help give you get a head start on the weekend.  We’ll also have material for you to access on the website after the weekend as well.  This material will help you to review what we presented to you during the workshop so you can go back and study the material later on at your own pace.

We’ll spend most of our time in the classroom instructing you on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  We’ll show you how to edit on the fly in the field in camera and and how to edit in adobe editing products.  These steps seem logical but most photographers tend to miss some of them so we’ll present a sound template for your workflow from start to finish.  You’ll select a few photographs that you captured and edited on the first two days of the workshop for us to review on the last day.   This constructive critique session is something that participants often appreciate.


Spectacular Moose Meadows in Late Winter.

Spectacular Moose Meadows in Banff National Park. © www,



We’ll walk you through detailed editing demonstrations and our individual editing workflows to help you develop your own workflow.  We’ll be teaching landscape photography shooting techniques and composition in the classroom with follow up in the field.  We’ll also teach you special techniques such as abstraction in photography at different stages along the entire landscape photography process.


Lake Minnewanka freeze up in Banff. ©




Event cancellation policy:

     We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of some of our guests plans and they have to back out of a tour.  We have to balance that understanding with our business need ss as well.  To that end we have come up with a cancelation policy that brings balance to both sides of the equation.  We want to be understanding, but we also need to meet our commitments to the  tour and the related expenses, and both sides need to honour our commitments to each other.  Below is our tour cancellation policy.  By purchasing your ticket on the tour you agree to the cancellation policy below.  I hope we don’t have to use it, but if we do I think that this compromise is reasonable for both of us.  Kazue and I would like to thank you for your interest in our tours.  However, if for some reason we have to cancel a tour we will guarantee a 100% refund of the entire tour registration fee.  We limit our liability in the unlikely event of a tour cancellation up to and including the tour registration fee paid.  We do not accept cancellation liability, or any other liability, over and above the registration fee of a tour.  Tours will never be canceled due to low registration though.  If one person is registered on a tour, we’re going ahead with the tour, given that all other factors are viable (ie:  no natural natural disasters or unsafe political unrest is present).  You can rest assured that if you purchase a ticket for the tour that the tour will not be cancelled due to low registration.

–   If the customer cancels between 60 days and 30 days before the tour service then 75% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($50 for a half day tour and $150 for a full day tour).  The retainer is not returned.
–   If the customer cancels between 30 days and 14 days before the tour service then 50% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($50 for a half day tour and $150 for a full day tour).  The retainer is not returned.
–   If the customer cancels between 14 days and 24 hours before the tour service then 25% of the tour service fee will be refunded ($50 for a half day tour and $150 for a full day tour).  The retainer is not returned.
–  If the customer cancels with less than 24 hours notice than the entire tour service fee, and the retainer are not returned.

– Workshop registration fees are not refundable or transferable to another landscape photography workshop, tour or conference in the event a participant decides to cancel their spot.